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LEO & ELLAI, (MID-DAY & PM VISITS), Entry for October 15, 2006
MID-DAY - Tech Amy reported by phone that she arrived mid-day and gave Ellai her lunch, walk and all was well.

PM- Blog from Tech Amy:  I arrived this evening, I couldn't find Leo, so I took L.A. for her walk first.  She urinated twice and had a bowel movement.  When I came back I finally found Leo hiding behind the washing machine.  Once I fished him out, I took him to the bathroom and fed him, but he didn't want to eat.  He did want lots of pets and cuddles, but no eating.  So I closed him in and went downstairs to play with L.A. for a few minutes more to give Leo a bit time to eat.  Still nothing, so I sat with him for a while, and he did finally decide he was hungry and ate a bit. Afterward, I gave him his injection and left for the evening. So we're doing fine:)
2006-10-16 14:14:40 GMT