How's My Kitty?
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LUCKY & LITTLE BIT ( AM & PM VISITS), Entry for October 13, 2006
Well things were pretty quiet on the home front both morning and evening. There was just a bit of food left over from last night - and they still had plenty left in the evening, so just added a bit more for them. Also filled the dome up a bit more as well. My experiment from yesterday - tying up the door, didn't work at all - still found a pile on the carpet in AM. So, I believe the solution is probably just another box or two. I'd start by putting one right in the spot he usually poops first.  Little Bit sniffed my finger for a moment, then retreated back further under the bed. I've tried tossing the strings underneath and little toys - but he only watches curiously and I don't think I'll make much more headway before your return.  So played a bit with Lucky and gave him lots of pets which he likes.  I tried brushing him with the blue mit, but he wasn't in the mood for that. I actually saw him chew his food today and not just swallow. He'd gather up a bunch in his mouth, walk over to the carpet, drop them, and then chew them one at a time. Pretty funny. There hasn't been any vomiting at all. So I think we're doing just fine here.
2006-10-14 11:36:01 GMT